In case you didn't know it. I had stopped developing The Child and The Poet for a couple of weeks while I got my own person site up and running. I also took some time to enjoy the holidays and be with people I like and care about.

So with the holidays over and the site settling in for the long run, whats to come?

  • Laws For Map is getting a window face lift, that is I am moving some things around. Keep your eyes open for that.

  • Database development is moving forward, that is new weapons, armours, items and so much more is coming. Right now the database is a bit scarce. you can see the data base is … a bit lacking.

  • Monster and Skill Balancing: There are some monsters, skills - both player an enemy skills in game right now!! This is exciting! But they need some balancing.

    Especially around the early parts of the game where you are a vulnerable young player.

  • Story! Who doesn’t love story and if you checkout the game you might have seen the story and been like “What the actual fuck?” It’s being flushed out way more in game and you can read the last post I did where I talked more in-depth about the story, its religious undertones, political concepts and dark plot.

These are just some of the things I will be working on when it comes to the game. I hope to get a lot of stuff done for the game to get an early alpha out to eager players by the end of April at least!

What can you tell us now?

Heres some character information, a lot of you have been waiting for!

These are the only currently really well thought out and flushed out characters that I have so far. Others in the game, not as flushed out, include: The Parents, The Old Man, The Soulless Ones and The Children. Details on these characters will come in later posts.

The Child:

The Child is a complicated character. We don’t know his name other then, The Child. The Child is a reflection of my self, the game creator. A carelessly, disillusioned and person seeking love, forgiveness and exploration in a world that is brought with political and religious turmoil.

The Child has a complicated relationship with his past, a dark and unwinding suicidal past. Traveling the world through the memories of a time long lost. A love that has left an empty and broken heart in the cavity of The Childs soul.

We get to know The Child and the road he has traveled and the road he has yet to travel to find answers to his own questions. Questions that seem to pop up more then answers. We see these types of thoughts and emotional turmoils in instances of:

Its moments like this that we peer into The Childs mind and mental state. We watch him struggle with his own inner demons and pain.

The Poet

The Poet is the guide to The Child. The Poet is just as complicated as The Child, He is rumoured to be a prophet of God. An entity that placed on the face of earth to guide the lost and the soulless.

We learn more about The Poet and how he helps the Old Man, then a younger a version, pull him self out of the bottle. Both men have a reason for coming together, one wants to stop the Federation, who at the time is responsible for the oppression of the land and the banning of Foreign faction based currencies and the other longs to find out answers about The Child who he has taken in under his roof after finding him wondering about, dazed and confused.

The Poet is a kind and gentle man who seeks to guide and care for those who come under his wing. The Poets own past is shrouded in mystery.

Songs And Poems

The whole game has a very poetic and very free flowing speech to it, wracked with emotion and cryptic writing that all ties together to tell an epic, engaging and dark story.

One way to do that is through song and poem, and because The Child and The Poet started out as 80 page book of poems, songs and even epic poems all that tell a slight different story then the one the game tells, the contents of that book still play an important role in telling the core story.

As a treat, heres The Poet and The Clock, a song that tells you a bit more about The Poet.

The Poet and The Clock

Ticking away,
 the midnight hour.

Watching my dreams play out before me,

like ghosts from my past.

I write all these words with a pen low on hopes,

and only filled with despair.

I am the poet, 
listening to the clock.

 This life is ticking by.

I am the poet in the midnight hour.

I write all these words with a pen low on hopes,

and only filled with despair.

I am the poet,

listening to the clock.

This life is ticking by.