I have been working on my game a lot lately in the form of fixing scripts that I wrote. Some of them had MAJOR issues such as shops not working, laws not rewarding and so on. There is even a new script: Harvesting which is super exciting!

Harvesting Image

We also have a new update for Laws and Currencies in relation to the Yanfly window. If there is no currency or law reward to be given, then we do not show those additional Yanfly windows. These updates are apart of the Flare Yanfly Aftermath Update

With the scripts in a better and more stable state I can continue to work on the aspects of my game that matter before the first public alpha release I hope to do in the next month or so. This includes:

  • Testing The whole game front to back and all options.
  • Testing the enemies and making sure they are not too strong, but not too weak.
  • Making sure there is enough items in the database.
  • Making sure the over all story makes sense.

This alpha focuses on introducing the characters and showing a bit about them and their though process on this new world. The main important characters is The Child, The Poet, The Mother, The Father and The Soldier.

We see more interaction with The Child and The Mother and The Father over the others. This is a heavy text based game, meaning it focuses more on character development through story and the story over action and mechanical character development.

If you are looking for a fast moving RPG like Diablo or any other typical RPG that you come across on the market, this won’t be for you. This game explores themes of suicide and religion.

That’s a wrap for now. Don’t forget to checkout the gallery!