Developing a game with a complex and deep story as this one is a challenge even on a good day.

Mapping is easy to do, the game is beautiful, richly detailed and full or little secrets here and there. The battles are seamless and down to the point while offering tactical solutions and concepts inspired by other games.

The Child And The Poet is a living entity of ever evolving concepts and ideas that mix a political story of faction ware fare and evolving land scape along with heavy religious undertones and a sense of rich and deep character development.

I weaved in a concept of danger, I weaved in a concept of heart ache. I weaved in a sense of poetic indulgence that helps you sink your teeth into a rich and well thought out world.

Developing a game like this is controversial. Developing a game like this takes time and patience. You can rush the emotions and raw feelings that are poured into something like this, and you shouldn't.

The game is very much a reflection of my self.

Lets get down to some of the things you want to know about:


Features so far in the game include a Currency system, Laws System and a Notifications System along with a few other smaller systems you might find interesting

When developing features I tend to write them my self as they are pretty unique and very niche to this specific type of game. They have to fit into the story, the concepts, the ideas that I have for the game and they shouldn't be “gimmicky scripts” that is “scripts for the sake of scripts”.

The currency system allows you to buy unique and special items, which are explained through the story of the game.

The laws system allows individual locations and regions of maps to have specific laws associate to them, such as: “no potions” or “no fighting”.

The notification system allows me to show you notifications in game as specific things happen, such as when you gain an item, when a player joins your party and so on.

The other systems are region based scripts that do things when a player entered a specific region, they were built for the larger map that I have built for the game, an extremely well detailed and beautiful map that you can see below.

Each system is thought out and developed with thought. Nothing is just thrown into the game, because at the end of the day, the game its self doesn't need a lot of features to tell a personal, engaging, deep and emotional story.

Check out a location below, called Woodburn