Now Streaming!

Well not exactly right now! But I do stream on Wednesday’s at 8:00 PM Mountain Time.

What am I streaming? Me working on the game. Its going to be great fun! You can check out last weeks’ stream below.

Rpg Maker Stream

So what’s new in the land of The Child and The Poet? I am writing a book based off the game!

The book follows a twenty-seven-year-old boy named Marcus who wakes up in a strange and fascinating world covered in blood. He is quickly found by a mysterious man who calls him self The Poet. The Poet offers to help him, feed him and give him shelter as Marcus attempts to figure out who the blood he woke up covered in, belongs too.

The same night Marcus is found the Red Hawk Rebellion group liberate a town from the ruthless and religiously fanatic group of Federation soldiers. Men and women who will rape, kill, burn and torture to gain control of southern settlements all in the name of God.

We also meet Annie and Kevin, parents of a boy who committed suicide who also wake up in this strange new world. Lost and confused they start looking for answers in this new landscape.

The central theme is suicide and religion.

Aside from that, I am VERY VERY CLOSE to a public alpha test! I have the relevant scenes done and a lot of the text for the NPC’s is also done!

What will the alpha entail?

You will be able to play, start to finish, a large section of the game. You will get to play as The Child, The Poet, The Soldier, The Mother and The Father.

You will get to learn the motivations of the Federation Soldiers and the Red Hawk Rebellion group. You will also see the underlying theme of religion as The Mother fights with her faith.

There is also re-playability in the form of different choices and paths you can take with the characters and the ways specific scenes play out.

What will I be looking for?

Does the central plot make sense as it stands? Do you understand the characters? Are you intrigued to learn more? What can I do as a developer to make the game more in depth, to give the characters more life?

Things I am not exactly looking for at this time, but are helpful: grammar and spelling.

A little about the mechanics of the game

Its your typical side view battle system game where I use maple story monsters as the monsters of the game.

Some scripts are bound to be broken or missing functionality but they will not impact the core game play at all.

This is a text heavy game. That is, be prepared to read. If you do not like text heavy games, then this is not the game fro you.

While not all scenes or maps have music, at this time it will be best to play with the music off.

I am not specifically sure on when the alpha will come out. How ever in tomorrows stream I should have more information on when the game will come out and what that will look like.

I hope to see you all in the stream tomorrow!