Ahh. It’s been a while hasn’t it. There has been SOOOOOO much development it’s sickening. So what has been worked on? What can you expect when I do the public alpha release?

Whole New Opening

The current opening left a lot to be desired when I was working on later parts of the game. Because this is a story driven and text heavy game, I needed to flush out a few aspects. These include the Federation Soldiers and their interactions with the Red Hawk Rebellion Group. We see more of The Parents and as well understand more about The Child.

The opening is a bit longer then it was. It uses some of the same maps as well as introduces all new maps.

Image Here

Flushed out more about the parents and their faith.

It’s no secret that this game has a heavy emphasis on christianity and biblical mythos as well religious undertones that are not so secret.

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We learn more about The Mother, she is a character who's coming undone at the edges and has a couple out bursts of pain. She is lost, she is confused, she is missing her dead son. She is questioning, not so much on the surface, her faith in God and his guidance.

We then have The Father, we don't get too see too much of him early game. He is the leader of them both. He is a man who keeps his thoughts inside and tries to comfort his wife. He doesn’t let his emotions rule him like she does. As the game goes on we will learn more about him and how he's dealing with all of this.

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Both of these characters need each other. Both of these characters have a lot of depth to them as they are lost, confused and grief stricken parents lost in a world that is unfamiliar to them.

Their faith is a major importance. Her questioning God and him taking this as if God has placed them here for a reason. She looses her patience some times with him and his calm nature, but he is always there to soothe her.

The Child

We learn something, early on, about the child. Something that he cannot quite deal with and as a result he flees The Poet’s house in the middle of a story. 
We still don’t know much about the Child but as the story goes on we learn more about him. We learn about his pain, his search for forgiveness and his ascension. The child is a complicated and complex person because it’s essentially, to some degree, me. And how do you manage to put your self into a game? How do you put the rawness, the honest and the emotion without wanting to curl up into a ball and cry your self sane again?

It’s hard.

Image hereImage Here

Not Just about The Main Story

The Story Deals with a few elements: The Soulless Ones and The Children, The Poet and The Child, The Federation Soldiers and the Red Hawk Rebellion Group and Other characters that give back ground or substance to the world.

A new character, I wrestled with adding is The River Man. He is not apart of the main Story of The Child and Poet, instead he is eluded too as Father Time in a couple, of the Poems and Songs that feed into the story of the game.

The River Man tells a story about a mysterious place called the Ether. And how only God can rescue souls that have been placed there. It is a place of darkness and total isolation.

We learn more about this place later on in the game.

There are tons of little pieces of information, tons of characters and objects and books to read that give you so much more back story or trigger cut scenes where the characters are explored further in detail as well as their motivations for doing what they are doing.

Enough Story What New Features?

There is a new script Region Events 
That is when a user steps on a specific region of your choice you can have event play. This is used for when people leave towns in Woodburn, or when people arrive at specific places.

New Skills, States Are a big thing!

There are a tone of new skills and new states. A lot of skills inflict various states either on the party or the enemies and yes enemies can inflict states with their specific states as well.

For example:

Gashing Slice, Requires a dagger to use, costs 8 TP with a gain of 4, inflicts Bleeding and Cripple (40% Chance). Cripple is a state that lowers the defence [Parameter Defence * 85%] by 15%. Adds the “Cannot move” restriction and lasts 3-6 turns. It is removed at battle end.

Bleeding is another state that causes 5% health loss every turn for the entire battle or until removed. It is removed at battle end and lasts 4-10 turns.

There are tons of other skills that inflict various states as well as damage and Ill be discussing how that works with balancing in later posts.

More To Come

There are tons of new updates to come. I am constantly play testing and right now it’s mostly just play testing. Making sure specific scenes and story elements make sense. Making sure that enemies and skills used by both players and enemies are balanced and work appropriately.

Stay tuned!